We Will Get Through This: Big Lessons from a Small Town Police Chief

Photo courtesy of Cardigan Mountain School

“Being a cop in a small town, being a police officer is only a certain small percentage of your job. You have to be a counselor, you have to be a medic. You have to be anything, any number of hats, an educator, all sorts of things. It is what we end up doing.”

Chief Frank and his fellow officers will be whatever they have to be to help people. What better way to serve others? Guilty myself of the not-my-job attitude, I was struck by Frank’s description of a “cop in a small town.” Now is not the time to give ’em hell, but to give ’em help (unless ’em is COVID-19).

Nick is a school/camp administrator, teacher, coach, and the founder of GoodMenders LLC: building better culture for educational equity.

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